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Whom The Criminal Justice Workers Union Represent

Independent trade union for all staff within the criminal justice sector

Who do we represent?

We are the union that represents all employees in the criminal justice sector, regardless of their grade or band. Our union is built by the people within the sector, for the people within the sector. Join us and be a part of a union that truly represents you.

HM Prison Service and Private Sector Prisons

We serve as the representative body for all employees working in HM Prison Service and Private Sector Establishments, including companies like Serco and Sodexo. we work to protect the rights and interests of these workers and address any issues or concerns they may have.

HM Probation Service

We represent everyone in the HM Probation Service, from probation officers and case managers to support staff and administrators, ensuring that all employees have a collective voice, and their interests are protected.

UK Border Force and Immigration Enforcements

We proudly represent and support professionals in all roles within the border and immigration service. Our team who also works in the border and immigration service have high knowledge and experience to help guide you through any challenges or issues you are facing at work.

HM Court and Tribunate Services

We take pride in representing and advocating for all individuals employed within the HM Court Services regardless of their band. We ensure that their rights, interests, and concerns are properly represented and addressed. This includes providing support during disciplinary procedures, negotiating for fair and competitive wages, promoting favourable working conditions, and advocating for adequate resources to efficiently carry out their duties.

Prisoner Escort Services

We represent Prisoner Escort Services and all private sector prisoner transfer workers, including companies like GeoAmey, Serco, and G4S, advocating for fair working conditions, appropriate training, and safety measures to ensure the well-being of our members involved in the critical task of transporting and escorting prisoners securely.

What people say about us?

I couldn’t be more impressed by the service I received from my CJW Union Representative. I was in a miserable situation, I was working on a badly managed wing and had no support from my line manager. Eventually, I got some respite by volunteering for other duties. My line manager took this personally and told me he was putting me on performance management.

I was walked through the grievance process and supported the whole way through. I was represented during the investigation following the grievance where My CJWU rep spoke about all of the processes that were missed and the failure to support me with even the basic mandatory actions.

My CJW Union rep explained how I should have been managed and highlighted all the mismanagement and mistakes my line manager had made. Pointed out where he failed to support and develop me.

Following the process, I was moved wings away from the manager and given a mentor to help my progression to SO. Quite a turn around.
I’m now happy in and out of work. So glad I made the switch. If I hadn’t I would probably have left the job. Thank you!


Join us and be a part of a union that truly represents you.