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Mark Hodgkinson

Custodial Manager

About Mark Hodgkinson

Motivated by a profound sense of disappointment and betrayal, my journey with the CJWU’s executive committee is deeply rooted in a quest for justice and true representation. The catalyst for this commitment emerged from a painful personal experience where the POA, entrusted to safeguard its members, failed me after a serious assault. The void left by their lack of support and the disheartening indifference of the POA executive fuelled my determination to seek an alternative.

Driven by the desire for a union that prioritizes its members and operates with transparency, I joined forces with like-minded individuals to establish the CJWU. The initial spark was the frustration of having nowhere to turn and the yearning for an organization that put its members’ needs at the forefront. The CJWU emerged as a response to the absence of a union that not only listens but acts in the best interest of its members.

Our journey in founding the CJWU was a deliberate effort to rectify the shortcomings I witnessed in the existing union structures. Central to our values is the commitment to open communication and genuine representation. The disappointment stemming from decisions made without consulting the membership, coupled with the bullying tactics employed by the executive, further underscored the need for change.

Proudly, the CJWU stands as a testament to our dedication to building a union that goes beyond rhetoric. We’ve cultivated a robust framework, offering legal and representative support to our members. What sets us apart is our unwavering focus on improving the lives of our members, a commitment that permeates every aspect of our operations.

In crafting the CJWU, we recognized the importance of leveraging modern technology to streamline processes, minimize costs, and eliminate inefficiencies. Our union operates with a keen eye on resource optimization, ensuring that every effort contributes to the well-being of our members rather than unnecessary bureaucracy.

The driving force behind my involvement in the executive committee was the simple realization that what I needed didn’t exist. In seizing the opportunity to contribute to building the CJWU, I embraced the chance to shape an organization that embodies the principles I believe in.

Grounded in my love for representing staff at the frontline, I maintain perspective as an operational prison officer, still working full time in a prison. This hands-on experience keeps me attuned to the challenges faced by our members and serves as a constant reminder of the importance of our mission. The CJWU, for me, is not just an organisation—it’s a commitment to justice, representation, and a better future for those who dedicate their lives to service in challenging environments.

Join us and be a part of a union that truly represents you.