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Barry Bishop

Retired Prison Officer

About Barry Bishop

My name is Barry Bishop, I joined the CJWU in April 2020, thus have been a member from its outset, at the time of joining I had been in prison service for 28 years, and was more then a little disappointed with any of the recognised unions, in my opinion they seemed to be committee members or above for their own personal gain.

Thus I left and joined the CJWU, I have never looked back, I established one of the strongest memberships in the North West.

When executive committee positions were advertised, I applied and gained a position, which I have held for over 2 years. I work solely for our membership and the CJWU, more than provable because I have been retired for 2.5 years, thus there is nothing I wish or could receive from hmpps.

The CJWU provided training to help me support our membership, this training has proved successful as I have been successful in a great deal of cases, securing prison officer jobs and securing better futures for our members.

I am fully committed to the CJWU and our membership, my motivation is that I wish to support our members when they require support, and at this I have been very successful.

I’m looking forward to the CJWU continuing to grow and be successful in everything we do.

Thank you for reading this short notice.

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