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Aaron Stowe

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About Aaron Stowe

How did I get here?

20 years ago, when I was younger and full of hope I found myself stood in front of a Governing Governor trying to explain my predicament supported by my union rep, who with his lack of energy and commitment to the members let me down dreadfully and basically hung me out to dry, taking the easy route out and doing dodgy deals without actually seeking the facts or the truth!

That in a nutshell is why I am here today, I promised myself that day that I would never be in that position again and I would never take the easy option unless it was the right thing to do, so I stepped up and joined the local committee and after many years disillusioned again, I resigned as Chair.

20 Years later I now find myself with all this experience and knowledge and feel I am blessed to be part of something so much bigger and so very much better than the experience I was unfortunately a part of.  Inspiring me to be what should have been and what should be for all the members we represent. Trade unionism has moved on in leaps and bounds over those years and being involved in the future of trade unions, the new kind of trade unions is such a refreshing thing. We in the CJWU have left behind the old exclusive desk-thumping ways, embraced the new, honest and all-inclusive approach and succeeded where others still fail.

I am proud to be here, I am proud and blessed to share that vision of the future as an executive member of the Criminal Justice Workers Union.

Join us and be a part of a union that truly represents you.