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Legal protection, advice, and representation when you need it.

Working in the criminal justice sector can be incredibly rewarding. However, there are times when things don’t go as planned. Accidents happen, situations can escalate, and misunderstandings can leave you feeling unsure of what to do next. But as a member of the CJW Union, you can rest assured knowing that you have access to the advice and representation you need in order to navigate these challenging situations. With our support, you can confidently face any circumstance and achieve the best possible outcome.

Benefits of our Trade Union

Full Representation

Supporting you through any workplace issue.

Full Legal Cover

24-hour direct contact line for work related issues.

Death Benefit

5,500 paid to your family in the event of your death.


A supportive community of individuals facing similar challenges.

Low-Cost Membership

Only £7.50/pm lower than any of our competitors.

Benefits in Detail

We can represent you at all formal workplace meetings, such as disciplinary hearings, grievances, attendance meetings and much much more!

We had a dedicated network of local representatives at a number of sites all over the country. If your workplace does not have a dedicated representative, the executive committee will arrange for a representative to attend your meeting with you.

These are just some of the things we help our members with:

Death Benefit

We aim to minimize expenses to ensure maximum benefits for our members. Considering the average cost of a funeral exceeding £4000, we provide an instant death benefit to all members as part of their membership entitlement. Upon joining, each member will be required to nominate a beneficiary who will receive £5500 in the event of their death while being a full member.


By joining our community, you become part of a collective of criminal justice workers who share similar situations and challenges. Together, we form a united voice advocating for positive changes within our field. Our goal is to improve the working conditions, advocate for fair policies, and address any concerns that may arise.

Member Resources

As part of your Membership with the CJWU, you have access to a Members only Area. This includes the latest CJWU News, Press Releases, Executive Committee Meeting minutes, Videos, Resources and Events.

Member Packs

When you become a member, we will promptly send you a comprehensive membership pack.

Our membership pack includes:

"Enjoy all these incredible benefits for only £7.50 per month – no hidden fees or extra charges!

The value and advantages of being a union member far surpass the cost of the membership.”

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How it works

1. Easily join online and get full access to all membership benefits.
2. We will send your membership pack with your membership details and goodies.
3. Have peace of mind that we are here for you when you need us.

What people say about us?

I couldn’t be more impressed by the service I received from my CJW Union Representative. I was in a miserable situation, I was working on a badly managed wing and had no support from my line manager. Eventually, I got some respite by volunteering for other duties. My line manager took this personally and told me he was putting me on performance management.

I was walked through the grievance process and supported the whole way through. I was represented during the investigation following the grievance where My CJWU rep spoke about all of the processes that were missed and the failure to support me with even the basic mandatory actions.

My CJW Union rep explained how I should have been managed and highlighted all the mismanagement and mistakes my line manager had made. Pointed out where he failed to support and develop me.

Following the process, I was moved wings away from the manager and given a mentor to help my progression to SO. Quite a turn around.
I’m now happy in and out of work. So glad I made the switch. If I hadn’t I would probably have left the job. Thank you!


Frequently Asked Questions

The CJWU is unique in that it is the only union that’s focuses solely on its member, with an executive committee consisting of frontline staff from the Criminal Justice Sector. We can represent you on all formal workplace meetings, such as disciplinary hearings and grievances.

The CJWU aim to keep expenditure to a minimum in order to maximise members benefit’s. None of the CJWU Executive Committee receives Salary. We use technology to hold meetings and carry out training which negates the need for expensive hotels and subsistence.

We have a growing number of local reps in workplaces throughout the country at your disposal. In areas where local committees have yet to be established, the Executive Committee will be on hand to assist you.

We’ve partnered up with one of the UK’s leading Trade Union solicitors to ensure we have you covered at work and at home.  CJWU Legal Services offer employment law advice, personal injury, criminal/regulatory defence, discount rates for personal legal issues and a Tax advice service.   

Legal service can be accessed via our 24hrs helpline 0330 999 7159 (Membership Number required)

Yes, all members will receive annual diary, pin badge lanyard as part of their welcome pack.

We are an official recognised trade union which entitles us to represent our members in the workplace on a wide range of issues. It is true that we are not as yet fully recognised by some employers in respect of collective bargaining however, this will only be a matter of time as the size of our union continues to grow, and we are in the process of seeking recognition with the various employers our members work for.

Although our local committee structure is growing, in cases whereby no committee exists, members can contact membership enquiries, who will allocated a representative to assist you.

Our success grows daily. We have successfully assembled an impressive executive committee consisting of dedicated, knowledgeable, skilful committed individuals to serve you. We have attained trade union recognition and, secured one of the top legal firms in the country.
There is still a way to go and, with membership increasing daily, our success will also continue to increase.

Protect yourself, Get Legal Protection, Advice, and Representation, Join today!

Avoid stress in sticky situations. Get support, guidance and representation when needed.