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Frequently Asked Questions

In this section you can find frequently asked question about the CJWU.

The CJWUnion is unique in it is the only Criminal Justice sector union that’s focuses solely on its members, with an executive committee consisting of frontline staff and 2 Trade Union Officials with over 40 years’ experience in the sector.  We can represent you in all formal workplace meetings, such as disciplinary hearings and grievances.

The CJWUnion aim to keep expenditure to a minimum in order to maximise members representation and benefits.  We regularly use technology to attend hearings, hold meetings and carry out training which negates the need for expensive hotels and subsistence.

We have a growing number of local reps in workplaces throughout the country at your disposal. However, in areas where local committees have yet to be established, the CJWUnion has employed 2 Trade Union Officials to advise, support and represent you either in person or via video link. Members can contact who will allocate you a representative.

We’ve partnered up with a leading full-service law firm, Stephensons Solicitors.

The employment law experts at Stephensons’ have a wealth of experience in helping to resolve a range of disputes between employees and their employers such as unfair dismissal, redundancy, settlement agreements, equal pay and discrimination.

Stephensons’ regulatory and professional discipline team act for individuals who find themselves under investigation by their regulating body. We have experience of successfully defending the reputation of clients from a broad range of sectors who have faced a number of conduct issues including malpractice, breaches of professional standards, financial misconduct and criminal convictions.

Whether you have suffered an accident in the workplace, in a public place, abroad or on the road, the personal injury team at Stephensons can help you to obtain the compensation you deserve to set you on the road to recovery and to help with any costs you may incur along the way as a result of your injury. We know how much an accidental injury can impact our clients’ lives and we support them throughout the claims process, signposting to other professionals such as rehabilitation services if needed.

Stephensons’ legal service can be accessed via our 24hrs helpline 0330 999 7159

Yes, all new members will receive an annual diary, pin badge and lanyard as part of their welcome pack.

We are an official registered trade union which entitles us to represent our members in the workplace on a wide range of issues. It is true that we are not yet fully recognised by some employers in respect of collective bargaining however, this will only be a matter of time as the size of our union continues to grow, and we are in the process of seeking recognition with the various employers our members work for.

Our success grows daily. We have successfully assembled an impressive Executive Committee and 2 Trade Union Officials, consisting of dedicated, knowledgeable, skilful committed individuals to serve you. We have attained trade union registration and, secured one of the top legal firms in the country. There is still a way to go and, with membership increasing daily, our success will continue to increase.

Any further questions, please contact

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