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Protecting our members with a team of experienced professionals

In this industry, it’s unfortunate that you may come across individuals who make baseless complaints or exaggerate situations to put you in a difficult position while trying to avoid responsibility for their own issues. Additionally, unforeseen circumstances such as illness or injury can happen at any time, leaving you in need of a significant period of time off work. Life is unpredictable, and it’s important to be prepared for whatever may come our way.

We believe that everyone deserves clarity and confidence when navigating work-related situations, eliminating any uncertainty or fear about their available options.

We know all too well how much stress and financial worry these situations can cause, however, rest assured that we possess a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of company policies and procedures, enabling us to navigate these challenges and ensure the most favourable resolution for you.

Join a member-centric union that prioritizes your needs, ensuring you can easily navigate any challenging situation and avoid unnecessary stress.

The Founding Story

After experiencing a lack of national support from their previous union, a dedicated group of trade unionists working across the criminal justice sector recognized the need for a better alternative. Thus, they founded CJW Union, a union dedicated to providing the support and representation that members truly deserve.

They created a robust support structure, offering high-quality assistance, advice, and representation to its members both locally and nationally.

Always putting it members first the union executive committee is elected by its members putting them in charge of who is making decisions on behalf of them.

CJW Union holds a certificate of independence from the central arbitration committee. This means they are an independent union, with no affiliations to any of the companies they work with.

Today, CJW Union has evolved into a robust network of criminal justice workers who are there to support one another. As the union continues to grow, it consistently strives to provide even more benefits and opportunities for its members.

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Executive Committee

The elected executive committee are comprised of volunteers who still actively work in the sector, and generously contribute their time and expertise to support the organization. Their dedication stems from their deep knowledge and skills in the field, as well as their genuine desire to make a difference.

The executive committee members serve a five-year term and undergo re-election by the membership at the end of each term. The members hold the authority to decide and elect individuals who will represent their interests and make decisions on their behalf.

Dave Gillan Enhanced
Dave Gillan
President - Head of Function
Gareth Fear Enhanced
Gareth Fear
General Secretary
at Sodexo
Mark Hodgkinson
Custodial Manager
Ray Castlehow
Ray Castlehow
Prison Officer
Barry Bishop Enhanced
Barry Bishop
Retired Prison Officer
Michelle Hodgkinson Ehanced
Michelle Hodgkinson
Custodial Manager
Aaron Stowe Enhanced
Aaron Stowe
Immigration Enforcement
at Home Office

Employed by the Union

Lisa Mitchell
Office Administrator
Andy Hamlin Enhanced
Andy Hamlin
Trade Union Official
Tony Merricks Enhanced
Tony Merricks
Trade Union Official
Mike Rolfe Ehanced
Mike Rolfe
Legal and Finance

Join us and be a part of a union that truly represents you.